Eating…lots of vegetables from our garden!

Planning…what to plant in our vegetable garden – winter was all about broccoli, spinach, lettuce and bok choy. Spring will be strawberries, tomatoes, more bok choy and waiting for the beetroot and leeks to mature. 

Working…on a few planner-related things – stickers, a few different planner layouts, paperclips – not sure if they’ll see the light of day but it’s fun to design them! 
Waiting…for 1st October to arrive. I’ve signed on to be a Jamberry independent consultant and that’s when we launch. I’m quite excited about it as I love the product and I’m sure other people will too when they see it. 

Watching…way too much Netflix! We’ve worked our way though Suits, House of Cards (although this is on Lightbox here in NZ!), we’re about halfway through the latest season of Blacklist. Binge watching FTW

Trying…to work out what we’ll do over school holidays which start here this Friday. We have a few things planned – play dates, indoor rock climbing, movies – but trying to keep the boy entertained without resorting to screens will be interesting!!!

Amazed…that the little one is almost 7 months! How did that happen??


About she's craftily...

I'm a graphic designer, mum, crafter, Project Lifer, photographer and generally a dabbler in anything and everything. This is where I show you what I've been up to.
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