…saying Congratulations!

Sorry for the delay in drawing the winner of the personalised flair set. I’ve been busy making cakes, designing more things and generally just being busy!

Congrats to Rhonda on winning the personalised flair set. Please email me shescraftily [at] gmail.com with the name you’d like to use.

I’ve also listed the personalised sets in my store. I think they’re fun and would look great on all those silly photos of your kids which are languishing on your computer (like mine are at the moment).

personalised boys

Personalised girls


It was my mums birthday on Saturday, so instead of going out to buy a cake, I decided (at 2pm!) to bake one. So I scoured my favourite baking site Sweetapolita for achocolate cake recipe. This one fit the billexcept I didn’t do the ruffles, nor coloured the icing pink! 🙂 Instead I used Lindt 70% dark chocolate, melted it, and folded it into the icing – swiss meringue buttercream – and voila! My cake icing skills are getting better, slowly, but still need to work on my piping. 🙂 But the cake turned out dee-lish-ious (in the words of Peppa Pig!) and it was moist, lovely and chocolatey and gives you a bit of a kick from all the caffeine (from the coffee and the chocolate in the icing!)



Let me tell you, swiss meringue buttercream is the BEST icing. I love it, but it’s seriously not good for the figure and it’s a labour of love, especially when your hand mixer doesn’t quite reach the stove top and you can only use your left arm! Ouch.


Anyway, I’ve got a few more Flair sets coming out, as well as a few other things coming too, so I’ll keep you posted.


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I'm a graphic designer, mum, crafter, Project Lifer, photographer and generally a dabbler in anything and everything. This is where I show you what I've been up to.
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